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Past Project Events

Below you'll find information about the events hosted as a part of the Kessler Park Improvement Planning Process.

Kessler Open House-6.jpg

Kessler Park Community Open House 9.24.22

On September 24th, 2022 an Open House was held at the Kansas City Museum for the Kessler Park Master Plan. The open house was an opportunity for community members to review and provide feedback on draft concept designs for each area of the park as well as the overall park connectivity plan. Community members were also asked to “spend a budget” on their priority projects. Check out the results from prioritization and community conversations below:

Kessler Open House-6.jpg
Kessler Open House-2.jpg
Kessler Open House-1.jpg
Kessler Open House-4.jpg
Kessler Open House-7.jpg

News on Kessler Park

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Northeast Newscast

June 2022

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