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Project Process

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Kessler Park Community Survey - Design Concepts

From August 26th to September 9th people were invited to give input on the second Kessler Park Community Survey. The survey is now closed. You can see a summary of the 150 survey responses below.

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Kessler Park Survey #1 Responses

We have closed the first survey for the Kessler Park project. There were over 100 responses to the survey with 70+ living in the neighborhoods right next to the park. Each dot represents a response from a neighbor or visitor to Kessler Park.



Helpful Information

Why do we need a plan for Kessler Park?

Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation is working on creating Improvement Plans for several parks in the parks system over the coming years. Many of the parks we know and love today have not had a prioritized holistic improvement plan for decades. This is an opportunity to look at the assets and challenges in the parks today and look for ways to improve them for the future. The plan we’re working on in Kessler Park includes an operation and maintenance plan, a conservation plan, and a connectivity plan.

What is the timeline of the plan?

The timeline for the planning process is from now until the middle of 2023. The timeline includes working with residents through more community meetings and focus group meetings with diverse groups. The next community meeting will be in late September - we’re still working out the details on the location, but we’ll let you know when we have it pinned down. 

After planning wraps up, then it’s on to implementation. Some elements of the plan will be implemented immediately. For example, the operations and maintenance plan and the conservation plan will have a solid relationship with each other and they’ll be handed off to the park staff who work in the park every week. Other elements will be more long term (3 to 5 to 10 years out)

What is the goal of this plan?

The goal is for this to be a community process that listens to residents and park users about what they want to see in their community. As far as outcomes of the plan, it is to improve regular park maintenance so staff can be proactive rather than reactive to challenges in the park.

It is also to emphasize and expand on the regional draw of Kessler Park. There’s already a regional draw, but this park has so many assets that could be expanded, whether that means cleaning up so the park isn’t so rough around the edges, or implementing new programming, that’s what we’re working with the community to decide through the planning process. 

Who is involved in the plan?

Anyone with an interest in Kessler Park can be involved in the planning process. We also have an advisory committee that includes leaders from the neighborhoods adjacent to the park and community organizations working in and around the park.


Kessler Park Advisory Committee Meeting #1

Below you will find links to the Advisory Committee meeting presentation, notes, and recording

Kessler Park Advisory Committee Meeting #2

Below you will find links to the Advisory Committee meeting presentation and notes.

Kessler Park Advisory Committee Meeting #3

Below you will find links to the Advisory Committee meeting presentation and notes.

Project Schedule

Here you will find the schedule for the Kessler Park Plan Project.

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Northeast Newscast

Check out the Northeast Newscast's conversation with Christina Hoxie, project manager for the Kessler Park Improvement Planning Process.

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