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Explore recent projects in and around Kessler Park

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North Terrace Lake Project

April 2021

Pioneered by 12 year old Pendleton Heights resident Jack Murphy, this project aims to improve the environment of North Terrace Lake and reconnect surrounding neighborhoods to Kessler Park.

North Terrace Lake_edited.jpg


Kessler park is a 303 acre park located in Kansas City, Missouri. Originally named North Terrace Park, it is a product of the parks and boulevard system laid out by George Kessler in his 1893 master plan for Kansas City. This master plan proposed multiple parks throughout the area, with Kessler Park being set aside to remain “wild and rugged, handsome, beautiful and picturesque”.

George E. Kessler

A German-born Landscape Architect and Planner, George Kessler's work is found throughout America. In Kansas City, Kessler established the Parks & Boulevards system that has shaped the urban fabric of the city to this day. In his Master Plan, Kessler Park served as an anchoring green space for the Northern end of Kansas City.


Kessler Park

After the land was secured by the City in 1899, the land was set to become what Kessler has planned for in his 1893 Master Plan. Originally named North Terrace Park, the area opened to the public with Grand Opening in July of 1905. The main features of the original park included Cliff Drive, the Colonnade, the Reservoir, and the North Terrace Lake. Popularity of the park grew due to the scenic views provided along Cliff Drive. Over the years, Kessler Park has served as a major green space of the north end of Kansas City, Missouri.


Kessler Park Today

Kessler Park has a rich history and also hosts various new programs and amenities. The park stretches along four neighborhoods and provides several sports and recreation amenities such as a disc golf course, and mountain bike trails, as well as sports fields and playgrounds.

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